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Border Collies came to the U.S. from the British Isles. These dogs are usually trained on traditional English and Scottish commands. For example:

    Come-Bye: Clockwise movement in relation to the stock.            (dog goes to it's left)

    Away-To-Me: Counter clockwise movement in relation to the stock. (dog goes to it's right)

    Lie Down: The dog should stop. Not necessarily lie-down. 

    Walk-up, or Get-up: Move closer to the stock. 

    That'll Do: Stop working, return to handler. 

    Look back: Leave the stock and look for others they might have missed.

    Get Back: Take the pressure off by moving away from the stock and giving them more room. Alternate command is Get Out.


By positioning the dog in the opposite place we wish the cattle to go, we can  herd the cattle to specific areas. In addition, most trained dogs are whistle trained as well. The standard stop whistle is one loud blast. A walk-up whistle is two short ones. And the clockwise and counter clockwise whistles aren't all uniform.

We are always available if you need additional information in the training or handling of your Border Collie. Call Mike or Jan: 559-935-0839 or 408-410-0793

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